Business Phone Features


Our business phone systems is a feature rich, flexible and cost effective business telephone system. It offers good QoS for voice, low call rates and multitude of features that enable your business to communicate more effectively. Its a fully hosted solution eliminating the needs to purchase, install and maintain expensive telephony hardware.


Auto Attendant

Our simple to configure auto attendant is the front door to your company. Set up time of day schedules, play different menus and announcements for different call types and offer a customised treatment of marketing messages and music to your callers appropriate to the brand of business unit they have called.

Music on Hold

Caller wait time is the perfect opportunity to advertise to a captive audience. Use the Music on Hold feature to upload information about your business, special deals, or upcoming changes included with every account. It’s one of the easiest, but sometimes underutilized ways to communicate with your customers.

Follow Me

This feature allows customers to define a list of phones to be called when customers are receiving an incoming call. If the first attempted phone is not answered, then the call will be forwarded to the next one in line. This list can include several IP – Phone numbers, real PSTN or real GSM ( Global System for Mobile) numbers.

Call Recording

Call recording is another useful feature that helps preserve call data and is instrumental in employee training and development within various work environments — including call centre and inbound sales departments.

Unified Messaging

Unified messaging (or UM) has been developed to integrate different electronic messaging and communications media (e-mail, SMS, fax, voicemail etc.) technologies into a single interface, accessible from a variety of different devices.

Out of Hours Routing

It allows you to specify routing depending on the time of day, and whether or not it’s a bank holiday. For example, you can choose to play a certain message when your business is closed, rather than the call just ringing out.

Hunt Group

Ring multiple people at once or in a specific order to ensure no call goes unanswered. Hunt group is a number of people (or members) that are set up to take incoming calls. When external and internal callers ring in, they can do so on one telephone number and the calls can easily be routed to a group of members to answer.

Voicemail to Email

You can configure any email address you want with your number / extension and we’ll send you an email telling you: Who called, When they called, and a .wav file with the message that was left for you. So, it will allow our customer to stay connected with their business or family members all the time.

FAX to Email

Customers on Hosted PBX consolidate fax machines to the cloud, where we receive their faxes and convert them to email attachments that can be delivered to individuals or distribution lists. Fax and voice extensions are interchangeable within our hosted PBX so you don’t have to decide their distribution up front.